Shipping Policy

Covid-19 Impact

Made to Order Items

The first thing to take into consideration when looking at shipping times is the fact that items are being produced based on orders, which means that before items are shipped, production time from the above item applies. "Shipping times" refers to the below described periods that are relevant

only after production is complete.

Production can take up to 7 business days.

Shipping Methods and Delivery Times

Before reaching out to request for a refund or a replacement for an order that did not arrive, or alternatively request for a shipping cost refund for orders that took longer than the estimation to arrive, please allow the following periods to pass -

Shipping method

Estimated delivery periods

US Standard

Allow up to 12 business days from shipping date

US Expedited

Allow up to 6 business days from shipping date

US Overnight

Allow up to 4 business days from shipping date

Canada Standard

Allow up to 21 business days from shipping date

Canada Expedited

Allow up to 16 business days from shipping date

Canada Overnight

Allow up to 4 business days from shipping date

International Standard

Allow up to 30 business days from shipping date

International Expedited

Allow up to 21 business days from shipping date

Shipping Carriers

In addition, since shipping delays may occur during holiday seasons or due to the current economic climate, we recommend you to keep updated with the latest news from the major carriers to understand any possible delays with shipping -


Status Update Page


UPS Status Updates


FedEx Status Updates


DHL Status Updates


USPS Status Updates

Customs Charges

While we have done everything we can to reduce the chances of a customs or duties charge, these are in the end at the decision of local customs.

StreamElements is not responsible for these fees and is unable to add them to the shipping costs.

For more information, you can visit https://strms.net/semerch-customerfaq or discord.gg/se.

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Free Shipping FAQ

How do I offer free shipping in my shop?

- The free shipping offer is automatically applied to all storefronts so you don"t have to do a thing!

What is the order minimum to receive free shipping?

- The order value needs to be at least $50. But this will stack on top of your Buy Your Own Merch pricing as well as Community Discounts (if applicable).

Are there any limits on the free shipping?

- Yes. We will offer free shipping on standard shipping valued up to $11.

Is there a limit to how many orders I can place?

- No, there is no limit to the number of orders you can place to take advantage of this offer.

Does the customer need a discount code to get the free shipping?

- No, the discount will be applied as soon as a customer meets the set thresholds. Cart must be at least $50 and we will offer up to $11 in free shipping value.

What are the dates and time zones that this offer is available?

- Free shipping will run from Black Friday (November 26, 12:00am UTC ) through Cyber Monday (November 29 11:59PM UTC)

How is the shipping charge calculated?

- We need your delivery address to calculate the shipping costs. Products are made to order and ship from over the world. While we make every effort to consolidate your orders into as few packages as possible, sometimes products will ship from different locations which all incur a shipping cost. We also do our best to offer shipping options that offer tracking services.
StreamElements does not make any money on shipping.


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